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A truly exceptional : single-source speaker

To understand why we have become passionate about the Orthophase Cell atb2g, it is essential to explain its place within the realm of high-fidelity and its contribution.

In the section below we are going to try and translate the emotions we get from listening to Orthophase speakers, focusing on three major qualities.

An exceptional dynamic

Great definition

A staggering fluidity 

If there is one feature that sets the Orthophase Cell atb2g apart from the classic and traditional high-fidelity equipment it is its exceptional dynamic. 

From cymbals crashing to a foot pressing down on drum bass pedal, the dynamic remains constant and uniform, covering the entire bandwidth and audio spectrum identically. 

The secret behind this astonishing dynamic is the connection between the weight of the mobile elements  (1gr) and the power of the 52 magnets that fuel it. 

Excellent definition of sound is specific to full-range speakers, yet becomes even more accurate with an Orthophase system. 


No filter distorts the signal to the polystyrene membrane (except for the constant correction specific to the full-range speaker). 


Moreover, the Orthophase atb2g speaker perfectly respects the various layers of sounds and arrangements thanks to open panels with double sound emission and rear waves.

Another contributing factor making the Orthophase sound system unique is the fluidity one feels as soon as the music begins, producing pure tones and precise voices. 

The texture of the membrane reproduces the sound perfectly, leaving the transients free and revealing the subtleties of any recordings. 

While it was acknowledged that the GEGO cell lacked bass, our orthophase cell atb2g rectifies this shortcoming and now offers clean, smooth and crisp bass.

The intense emotional message conveyed by the Orthophase atb2g is one of the criteria used to define exceptional high-fidelity. 

However knowledgeable an audiophile you are, listening to our Orthophase sound system will be a memorable experience so come and see for yourself. 


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