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The full-range speaker

"In the 1980's, when I first discovered the GEGO Orthophase Cell, my world as an audiophile was turned upside down as I experienced whole new sensations. After years of research and experiment to bring it back to life, I am finally making my dream come true with the creation of the ATB2G Orthophase Cell. With this website, I am sharing this experience with you."

Without my deep passion for this transducer, the ATB2G Orthophase Cell would never have seen the light of day...

Thierry C. 


The Orthophase ATB2G

The GEGO Cell was invented in the 1960s by the talented engineers Georges Poutot and Georges Gogny, and subsequently launched under the brand name Orthophase cell GEGO. Our passion for it was a source of genuine joy and it has kept propelling us to work hard to bring it back to life after its production was permanently ended. 


We are thus paying tribute to the work of these two men who have made such a great contribution to the world of high-fidelity.

The idea that formed the basis for our project from day 1 was to give our Orthophase Cell atb2g the exact same qualities as the original. Today, we are proud to announce that our cell is a FULL RANGE  CELL because it is similar to the original, both acoustically and technically.

Ancre 1

Sensitivity :

89/90db 1w /1m

Cell weight : 

1300 gr

Weight of mobile element :

1,3gr (membrane + coil) 

cellules orthophase ATB2G



Maximum input power :

3w (continuous), 10w (peak), depending on speaker load

bandwidth :

2hz to 45 khz +/-2db from 200hz to 8khz 

impedance :

0,25 ohms by cell 

Serial assemblies

12/18/24 cells = (4/6,5/8ohms)

Distorsion : 

1% 40x1000hz


At a 1961 Sound Fair, George Poutot and George Gogny introduced an innovation with a name that sounded like a revolution in terms of sound reproduction : the Orthophase Cell.

It was a full-range speaker whose main characteristic was to produce sound through a polystyrene membrane. This innovative product was marketed under the name GEGO Cell.


Created at the inception of French high-fidelity, this speaker enjoyed a well-deserved success before it became extinct in 1970.


Excerpts from articles and publications on the GEGO orthophase

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